Articles from: July 2009

What is a Wanderlush?

Take two curious spirits (emphasis on spirits) who have an insatiable appetite for traveling this big, blue orb; add in a child-like fascination for experiencing food and drink amongst like-minded friends and strangers alike…and the end result is a Wanderlush. Okay, you’re probably scratching your head right now, thinking what the $*&@ is a Wanderlush? It has no formal definition (at least none published, according to us.) And it’s not just a name: it truly is an ideal…a way of life that shakes off the mortal coil of the everyday. It flies in the face of the mundane and thumbs its finger at mediocrity. You may already be one yourself, or know people who embody this principle. Well, step up to the web page and throw off all inhibitions and semblances of attitude. No, friends and dedicated readers…this page is for the wine aficionados, mixed drinkers and beer lovers alike. Snobs and slobs, you may ask? Hell no. And if you enjoy a nice beverage before, during and after enjoying a good meal, be it a simple snack, appetizer—or a full-on lunch dinner or midnight buffet, then you really are a highly evolved Wanderlush. Think of this page as required reading for your own Wanderlush adventures…the anti-travel guide for the travel guide impaired. You’ll read about great spirits worth trying, foodie adventures worth exploring and places you may know, or think you know, but will be seeing for the very first time—or in a whole new light. Now mind you, we Wanderlushes enjoy ourselves responsibly, so should you. If what you read in this blog doesn’t excite you or pique your curiosity, oh well. Teetotalers need not read further. However, if you have the spirit, the yearning and the desire to expand your horizons, then raise your glass, mug, snifter or flute…and join us loyal Wanderlushes everywhere in a massive, collective toast. FYI: we’re still working on a memorable toast, so until then just enjoy the read.



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