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Cellars Bourbon, Beer & BBQ Whiskey Tasting September 27, 2014

IMG_2275It seems like on any given weekend here in South Florida you will stumble across some sort of tasting event happening around town, be it a simple in-store wine sampling to a full-blown, hosted sit-down food and wine/beer pairing event. Having too much of a good thing is not a complaint, mind you – it’s more of a delightful dilemma.

On this particular Saturday we decided to venture outside our wine and beer comfort zone and venture into the tremendously popular and growing world of boutique (small batch) Whiskeys and Bourbons. Cellars Wine & Spirits, in Ft. Lauderdale, hosted such an event ($20 per person), giving discriminating drinkers the unique opportunity to sample some of the finest Whiskeys and Bourbons from across the country and enjoy delicious barbecue fare from the carnivore-friendly Red Cow restaurant, also located in Ft. Lauderdale.

The tasting menu was extensive and the tasting glasses large, so rather than attempt to taste them all (bad idea) we instead focused on the few brands we had read or heard about as listed below.


Red Cow’s grilled pork and barbecue sauce medley was the perfect companion for the Whiskey and Bourbon tasting (and helped fill our stomachs a bit), matching and even contrasting the sweet, smoky flavor profiles of the spirits with zesty BBQ goodness. The mac and cheese was also a hit, as evidenced by the nearly empty container sitting on the buffet table. (My large, second helping of it may have contributed also.)

As a bonus, the $20 price of admission included a discount on any of the featured spirits, so we picked up a bottle each of the Haas Brothers Cyrus Noble Bourbon (San Francisco) and the Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Barrel Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Barton 1792 Distillery, Kentucky) – which we thoroughly enjoyed that evening, and we will enjoy for many evenings to come! Cheers!



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