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Brasserie Cantillon Night at the Sybarite Pig, Sep 1, 2014

IMAG5801  IMAG5790There was no secret knock to get in, but as we entered the Sybarite Pig for the Brasserie de Cantillon tasting on a recent Monday, we felt that we were stepping into an exclusive experience where we were, by far, the novices.

Tonight we would be sampling several offerings from Brasserie Cantillon that we will, most likely, not have the opportunity to try again anytime soon, if ever.  If we do become lucky enough to find one of these rare beers, our wallet may not be able to handle it.

Despite our relatively limited knowledge, we were welcomed by the attending enthusiasts. Everyone we spoke to was obviously enamored with these beers and wanted to share that love and exuberance with us.  Several of our fellow beer lovers pointed out we were starting out at the top and risked finding other beers of this style we have in the future lacking.  Oh well, go big or go home, right?  We dove into the experience with great anticipation.

The evening started with a plate prepared by Daniel, the owner. The plate of lamb atop basmati rice was an original dish that he explained won a competition and started him on his culinary career. It was the perfect start to a very special tasting. One by one the coveted beers were presented and poured, each unique and complex.  By the end of the evening we were IMAG5794sharing the remains of the bottles with new friends. And oh the beer!  We still have a lot to learn but we know enough that we want more! More Lambic, more Kriek, more Gueuze, just more! Tonight, sour ruled and we loved it.IMAG5797



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